Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Princess/Robot PARTY!

Ok so I know it isn't the best picture, but it was from my phone. That is one of the invites to my kiddos b-day party coming up! It says: Grease up your gears and grab your gowns, Brooklyn and Braxton are having the best robot-princess party in town! Haha kind lame I know.. well let's be honest.. Brett is the one who came up with it and I changed a few words. I saw a few adorable invites on pinterest that were princess/pirate or princess/super hero theme, but no... Braxton had to pick robots!

It is times like now when I LOVE having boy/girl twins. How fun is random mixed theme party? They are going to love it. I didn't invite friends with kids or anything, just family.. so I know I went a little overboard, but hey how often do my twins turn 3?  

Well that is all! Just wanted to show my cute little invites! :)


  1. ahh love it!! and whatev.. braxton knows what hes talkin about! i've been dyin for beck to pick robots!
    loove the invite! their party will be hoppin !!
    3??????? so big!

  2. Love those! So creative and cute!

  3. How fun!!! The invites are super cute! :)